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General sales and delivery conditions for trade association for commercial kitchens in Norway.


These general terms and conditions are applicable if the parties in writing or otherwise agreed upon them.

Applicable terms and conditions of an order to vary a written agreement.


Data in product information and price lists are binding only insofar as they are made a part of the contract or agreement expressly refers to them.


Normal delivery clauses construed in accordance with the applicable Incoterms-1990.

Unless otherwise agreed, the clause" from stock" for delivery from the sellers" warehouse and factory" at the plant delivery, including packaging.

The product of the buyers expense and risk. The seller is free to choose the mode of transport, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The buyer is obligated to keep the goods fully insured from the time of delivery until it is fully paid.

Delivery will be postponed due to circumstances of the buyer, the seller can arrange storage of the goods at the buyers expense and risk. The buyer is obliged to receive the purchased goods on time. Failure buyer to receive the purchased goods within a reasonable period after being urged to this, the purchase price falls due for payment as if the contractual compliance has taken place. In these cases, the seller can choose to cancel the contract and claim damages.

The Purchaser shall examine whether the delivery is in accordance with the order upon delivery.

Included installation of the agreement, both the seller and the buyer make an inspection together. Buyer undertakes immediately to complain about the obvious flaws and defects that are discovered. Inspection and takeover is subject to BFSN,s takeover scheme.

§ 8 Prices

All prices quoted are net Excl.Vat, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Assembly, installation and reassembly is at the buyers expense unless otherwise agreed and presented as separate items in the invoice.

§ 9 Terms and Conditions

The transfer takes place against cash payment unless agreed in writing.

By exceeding the time of payment is considered interest on arrears (interest for late payment) in accordance with the Late Act (Act of 1967 17des nr.100) unless otherwise agreed in writing.

If the buyer does not have betaltforfalte requirements within-a-month after the due date, the Seller may in writing to terminate the sawed / purchase and demand compensation for damages is limited to the value of the deliverables.


The following factors are considered as force majeure, if they impede the performance of the contract or makes performance unreasonably burdensome. Labour, conflict and any other circumstance that the parties can not control, such as fire, war or warlike conditions, confiscation, currency restrictions, machine damage, blockade, accident, flood, prohibition of entry or exit or denial of a license for such, socialist states, disturbances, shortage of transport, general, commodity shortages, lack of supply of power and lack of deliveries from suppliers, or delay of such deliveries because of circumstances in this paragraph are discussed.

The circumstances can only claim if their impact on the delivery could not be foreseen by the agreement. The party wishing to invoke force majeure shall promptly notify the other party in writing, both hindrance onset and termination.

If grounds for relief prevent the Buyer shall reimburse the sellers costs for securing and protecting the delivery. For other goods of the parties for additional damages or compensation.

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